Precautions During WINTERS

God has gifted all human beings with various weather conditions to enjoy and cherish the beauty of nature in its various different forms. But increase in pollution levels, cutting of forests, emission of hazardous gases has lead to a lot of environmental and ecological changes. Hole in ozone layer and global warming are apparent proofs of how human has played and spoiled the beauty and circle of beautiful nature for its selfish causes.

One of the after math of which is extreme weather conditions i.e. too hot or too chill.

Here are few important and general precautions which one should take in winters to enjoy a safe and happy season.

• Prefer wearing layers of cloth rather than one single warmer or an overcoat.
• Use room heaters, fireplaces, etc to keep room temperatures warm in order to avoid hypothermia.
• Take proper sleep. Use extra quilts, caps, woolen or pure cotton made socks etc while sleeping. Avoid synthetic products as they might cause rashes or itching.
• Do not consume alcohol.
•  Consume warm foods. Include more hot soups with your regular meal and intake of high energy foods should be increased.
• Elderly and adolescents should be given more care during extreme weather conditions.

DDA Housing Scheme

The Property rates have risen to all time high in the recent years. Hence making it impossible to purchase a property in a well developed and constantly witnessing influx of people from all over the country and abroad; the city of Delhi. India’s capital is one of the sorts after place in entire country where one wishes to purchase and own a shelter for him/her and family.

Delhi Development Authority {DDA} plays pivotal role to maintain balance and provide affordable housing at reasonable prices to all. There have been a lot of housing and developmental schemes introduced by DDA since it came into existence in 1957. Every time DDA announce schemes; plethora of forms are sold and deposited from natives all over the country due to the reasonable prices per square feet offered by authority to provide equal opportunities to all the natives with different level of incomes. DDA also offer quotas and special rebates for SC/ST, war widows, physically disabled etc.

Delhi Development Authority has also announced DDA Housing Scheme 2010 with a record breaking 16000 flats constructed by authority itself. The forms will be available in select banks since November 25th 2010. The last date of depositing the filled forms with the documents required is December 24th 2010.

Rare Childhood Pics of Indian Bollywood Celebrities

Amir Khan, Bollywood, children, childhood pic, rare pics,Superstar Aamir Khan with his father at a very young age. Latest Aamir Khan movie 3 Idiots was a blockbuster which broke all records.

Abhishek, Bachchan Family, Amitabh Bachchan, Shweta Bachchan, JayaComplete Bachchan  family picture. Abhishek is spotted at extreme left in the pic with his father Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. The latest addition to Bachchan family was Aishwarya Rai  as Abhishek’s wife and Amitabh and Jaya’s Daughter in law. This clan is now considered Bollywood’s First Family.

Tips to Learn English

How To, english speaking, speak english fluently
English is a widely accepted language around the world and no one can deny it’s importance today and certainly it has played an important role in making the world a global village where people from different communities are able to communicate by using it as a second language.
It is not an impossible task to learn English but above all you need to understand that you must make it your hobby but not a chore and thus you will learn the language with fun without getting bored.
Here are some of the tips that you can follow:
Never ever be in hurry. You are setting a goal for yourself. You cannot learn it in a day. You might face some delays and frustrations but you will have to overcome all these. So, enjoy it when learning English.
Remember, learning is skill and you can improve it. You will learn if only you are aware of yourself, your capacity and the processes which you have used in the past  to learn other things.
Motivation is highly important. In the absence of motivation for learning English,  you might get frustrated easily and give up. In that case, ask yourself why you are learning English? In which areas you need to work more like reading, writing comprehension or listening in order to motivate yourself.

Top 10 Hotels in the World

To count top hotels around the world is not small undertaking; however, the best method adopted to serve this purpose is the use of visitors’ review regarding the hotels they visit which is done by conducting surveys often online.

One thing is for sure that visitors love hotels which deliver experiences of its kind along with high class services at accurate price.

Here is a list of top 10 hotels around the world which comprise luxury, service and beautiful location:
Top 10 Hotels; world famous hotels, top hotels around the world, Sydney Blue Sky Hotel
The Sydney Blue Hotel: The hotel is situated in Sydney (Australia) at beautiful beaches of ultra-modern Woolloomooloo Bay. It has more than 100 suites decorated in the finest retro style using pastel colors along with a supportive atmosphere sufficient to please anyone.

My School Days

My school days, school days, old memories, memories of past
The phone keeps ringing, the e mails keep pouring in, there are meetings to be attended and there are papers to be signed. It seems that the work is never-ending and the stress all mounting over everything else. Between this hectic schedule, when somebody thinks of the time where work was fun, childishness was allowed, fighting made relations even stronger and even a drop of a pin was a matter of laughing, then comes to my mind –my school days, the best part of my life. It reminds me of the Brian Adams song-“those were the best days of my life”. And it really was the best time of my life.
We got education from our schools which made us stand where we are standing today but at the same time it is the place which made us realize the value of friendship, the importance of our teachers (who by the way had many weird nicknames at that time), the significance of teamwork, the meaning of leadership and several other things which cannot be put into words. The chalk was our favorite toy which was often used to call a friend in the class, books were used to slam best friends, making weird noises in class was almost necessary, stealing the Tiffin was an essential activity of the day, and eating the lunch in front of the teacher was the biggest challenge( although everyday it was met).

Whenever all those memories come to my mind, there appears a smile on my face, no matter how stressed out or depressed I am and then again I realize…the phone keeps ringing, the e mails keep pouring in, there are meetings to be attended and there are papers to be signed.

How to prepare for a picnic

Picnic, How to, How to prepare for a picnic, fun, prepare
Monsoons are almost gone and the whether is becoming more and more romantic with the arrival of spring. Objects of nature are displaying the utmost beauty with flowers blossoming and rainbows becoming more frequent. Considering all the above factors, we can easily assert that this is the perfect time for a family picnic. But as picnic seems to be the most pleasant and fun word, it can sometimes be a tedious task to prepare for arranging one. To overcome such situations, here is a checklist of the things which can be useful for a family picnic and also a step by step guide to plan a perfect outing.
List of things to do and carry:
  • Decide the place where the picnic can be arranged.

Dos and Don’ts for an Interview

Interview, Interview skills, How to impress in interview, Does and Dont of interview

Does ::

•    Always make sure that the resume has the correct information displayed in an impressive vocabulary. One should avoid typos in the resume and always highlight the points which can increase the chances of getting the job.

•    The candidate should be very sure regarding what he wants to convey of himself in the interview and therefore knowing oneself inside out becomes a necessity.

•    It is very important to pay attention on the choice of apparels, the manner of standing or sitting and especially the manner of talking.

•    As they say, confidence is the key to success. This saying holds true here also. The most confident candidates always score over the ones who may be having more educational qualifications but are low on self confidence.

Stem Cells treatment

Stem cells which are obtained from adult organs are proving highly useful in treatment technology. Stem cells thus obtained are different from embryonic stem cells which have been a matter of controversies for a long time. Stem cells obtained from adult organs can be used not only for treating diseases but also to stimulate and grow new organs and thus reducing the need of anti-rejection drugs which one needs to have in conventional transplant surgery. Embryonic stem cells have not been able to get the place in the field of medical science which has been got by the kind of cells found from adult organs.   

You can actually have your stem cells harvested and can use them to regenerate required organ tissue.

The potential for stem cells in treating various human diseases has now been accepted by medical researchers. Already there are a number of stem cells therapies such as bone narrow transplants used to cure leukemia. According to researchers, stem cells are immortal and possess the ability to be anything. 

Top 10 Animated Movies

Animated movies are not as such genre defined category but its definitely contains certain genre like components such as fairy tales and animation which make them popular specifically among children but they are enjoyed by all. In animated movies, individual pictures or illustrations are photographed using stop-frame cinematography.

Over the years, there have been numerous popular animated movies; however, here is the list of 10 all time popular animated movies.
ANIMATED MOVIES, ANIMATED MOVIE, animation, fun, movie, entertainment
Toy Story:
This is a great computer generated story and still it is incomparable. Comprising interesting plot and humor, it became popular among the audiences and still is.

Toy story 2, MATED MOVIES, ANIMATED MOVIE, animation, fun, movie, entertainment

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