Never Give Up.

People say that life is a roller coaster. Sometimes it goes up and sometimes goes down. Once I was wondering what everybody want in life? Money? Fame? Beauty? Fan following? Good Healthy and attractive Body? Parties and celebrations?

Yeah! Who in this world would not want these things in life?

Do you think people having everything which all desire for are actually satisfied with their lives? Well, I don’t think so. If you check out records, the percentage of suicide in celebrities is higher than the percentage of suicide in disabled people. Shocking?

Life is useless if one is not satisfied with his/her own life. People who have everything in life and capable of leading it with all pleasures they want and still not satisfied? Then whats the use of such life?

You still think your life is hard? Yea.. I can understand 10 – 12 hours working daily. One weekend holiday that goes in household stuff. No fun in life.. So Boring..

Its up to you how and what you make your life. Check out the video and then you will see what hard life is. If you believe in “Never Give Up” theory you can be the winner in your life even after facing all the adversities of life. So, I suggest to say thanks to The God for what all he has given to us and be satisfied and be happy in life.

Whenever you think your life is hard watch the video.

Have a Happy and Satisfactory life…..

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7 Responses to “Never Give Up.”

  1. Andrey says:

    Thanks a lot for that extremely cool post.

  2. Neha Taneja says:

    very well said………..keep it up.

  3. Ritu says:

    real life touching writing…keep it up…..

  4. maya says:

    yes, i agree too…SATISFACTION and BELIEVE in GOD can do wonders…:)

  5. Harsha says:

    what a well written and inspiring writing…and the video is just the cherry on cake…

  6. gaurav says:

    Thanks 🙂

  7. Risha says:

    Gud job Gaurav…very well written.. 🙂

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