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Census is a process of systematically collecting and recording information about the members of a given population.  It is regularly occurring and official count of a given population. The term is mostly used in connection with national population and other censuses like housing, agriculture, business and traffic. For the first time in India the Indian […]

Exquisite Diamond Rings

Radiant shape EMERALD with diamonds

Vegetarian Mughlai Parantha

tasty, mughal, parantha, indian, recipe

Ingredients:: •    ½ Kg wheat flour •    ½ kg semolina •    ½ kg all purpose flour •    Salt to taste •    ½ tbs Mango powder •    ½ tbs black pepper powder •    ½ tbs red chili powder •    Oil for dough preparation and for shallow frying •    ½ cup Milk/ coconut milk

Small Business Start Up Consultancies

Business enterprises are classified into three broad units’ namely small business enterprise, medium business enterprise and large business enterprise. The deciding factors which classify between the three types are the number of employee’s hired, annual turnover, market share owned by business etc. These factors are decided by the regulatory board of every country and therefore […]

Wholesale Designer Inspired Handbags

Hankering for a designer brand:: Almost every woman across the world desire’s to own a designer brand one day; be it designer clothes, shoes or handbags. Amongst all accessories it is commonly found that handbags are the most mutual accessory which women have fetish for. Designer or branded handbags add cherry on the cake to […]

World’s Most Intellectual Animals

dog, help, protect, love

This list brings you the list of animal’s on the basis of their intelligence. The list is based on my personal research on internet and suggestions, comments are welcome 8) …

Early Pregnancy advised after Miscarriage

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Motherhood undoubtedly is the most unique and special event in every women’s life. Therefore, any mishap such as miscarriage generates equal amount of displeasure and anxiety. The WHO statement issued in the year 2005 suggested that women, who have suffered miscarriage, should wait for at least six months before trying for another pregnancy. Whereas a […]

Chole Bhature

punjabi, food, tasty, chana masala

Chole Bhature is the most favorite Punjabi cuisine relished by people across borders. Though it’s full of calories but the yummy taste of it is worth the guilt 8) . The recipe is simple and can be cooked in 30-45 minutes, to serve 4 people. Recipe Ingredients:: Bhature •    250 grams all purpose flour {maida} […]

Hilarious Phone Prank

Must See…an eight year old girl..calling Demolition Professionals to blow up her school as they give her more homework on Fridays and she isn’t fond of her teachers….HAHAHAA… PLEASE DEMOLISH MY SCHOOL.


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We often feel wonder why some eat fried food, chocolates, pastries and yet possess a slim-trim body, while others eats light diet and salads but are obese.  It is because of the Thyroid Gland.  It controls our body’s metabolic rate.  The super active Thyroid Gland is burning 3000 calories but sluggish is half of it.  […]

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