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We often feel wonder why some eat fried food, chocolates, pastries and yet possess a slim-trim body, while others eats light diet and salads but are obese.  It is because of the Thyroid Gland.  It controls our body’s metabolic rate.  The super active Thyroid Gland is burning 3000 calories but sluggish is half of it.  When our heart, kidney and lungs are lethargic, they are also responsible for weight gain.  Sluggishness of these organs cannot eliminate water from the body.  And that water accumulates in the body increases weight.

Another reason is incorrect diet.  Well defined diet and Yoga could maintain a slim figure.  The asanas are improving the function of the Thyroid gland which results the faster metabolism.  Through asanas our kidney, lungs and heart are strengthen and are flood with extra blood.  Extra blood in any part of the organ can revive it.  The proportionate and circular flow of blood made rejuvenation of the weak organs.

The Pranayams help achieve the above.

Procedure ::

•    Sit in Gyan Mudra (cross leg pose)
•    Fold the tongue and turn your head slightly downward.
•    Breathe through throat with hissing sound.

Benefits of Ujjai Pranayam::

There are numerous benefits of practicing Ujjai Pranayam regularly, few of the advantages amongst all the advantages are::

•    Improves concentration
•    Relax mind
•    Help recover from severe pain
•    Very useful to cure respiratory diseases
•    Solve problems like insomnia, tuberculosis, migraines etc.

•    Detoxify body
•    Keeps stomach functioning appropriate and boosts digestion process
•    Manufacture inner body heat
•    Progress functioning of all internal human body organs

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Precautions advised while practicing Ujjai Pranayam::

•    People with low blood pressure buy generic viagra cialis should not do this pranayam unless it is cured.

•    While inhaling or exhaling air stomach should never swell out.
•    It is strictly advised that air should touch your throat.
•    The inhaling and exhaling proportion is advised to be kept 1:2.

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  1. Very informative article… Looking forward for more articles on your blog

  2. I think this is very important. Thanks a lot.

  3. maya says:

    Is it true that performing surya namaskar has better effect than performing other yogic exercises?

  4. gaurav says:

    nice info. 🙂 gonna help a lot of people.
    Spl my wife. 😛

  5. Harsha says:

    great post..obesity is a serious issue….thx..will wait for more…

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