Chole Bhature

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Chole Bhature is the most favorite Punjabi cuisine relished by people across borders. Though it’s full of calories but the yummy taste of it is worth the guilt 8) .
The recipe is simple and can be cooked in 30-45 minutes, to serve 4 people.

Recipe Ingredients::
•    250 grams all purpose flour {maida}
•    1 cup yogurt
•    1 table spoon sugar
•    Salt to taste
•    1 pouch or 1 table spoon yeast
•    2 teaspoon vegetable or olive oil
•    Oil to fry bhatura’s

Chole/ Chana Masala
•    500 gram overnight soaked chana {Garbanzo beans}
•    3 tomatoes {diced}
•    2 onions {diced}
•    1 green chili {optional}
•    ½ table spoon ginger paste
•    1 table spoon cumin seeds
•    ½ table spoon garlic paste
•    2 small cardamom or ½ table spoon cardamom powder
•    2 table spoon Cilantro
•    Salt to taste
•    ½ table spoon turmeric powder
•    ½ table spoon red chili powder
•     ½ table spoon black pepper powder
•    ½ table spoon mango powder {amchur} or chat masala
•    ½ cup vegetable oil

•    Take 1 cup lukewarm water; add 1 pouch yeast and 1table spoon sugar. Mix well and keep aside for 10 mints.
•    Sieve all purpose flour to a large bowl and add yogurt, salt and oil. Pour yeast solution to the bowl and mix well to make soft dough. Add water if required.
•    Cover the prepared dough with a wet towel, and keep aside for minimum 2 hours.
•    Make small balls and roll out in desired shape of chapattis or purees. Deep fry till golden brown.

Chole/ Chana Masala
•    Cook all the above mentioned ingredients in half a cup of oil except chana and cilantro.
•    Take overnight soaked chana in a pressure cooker and add all other cooked ingredients to it and cook for half an hour or 4-5 whistles.
•    Garnish with Cilantro, tomato and onion slices.

Relish chole bhature with large glass of iced lassi. ENJOY!!!!!

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