World’s Most Intellectual Animals

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This list brings you the list of animal’s on the basis of their intelligence. The list is based on my personal research on internet and suggestions, comments are welcome 8) …

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10. Portia Labiata Jumping Spider:: This spider is found in the forests of Africa, Australia and Asia. It has shown a lot of problem solving ability in the various laboratory tests conducted.  It waits and waits for the longest time for the ideal time to attack its prey.

9. Mouse:: It has been clinically proved that mouse are an intellectual animal. Their pattern of thinking and even dreaming are alike humans. A lot of researches and practical’s are conducted on them fo the same reason.

branches, crow, fight
8. Crows:: Crows have also successfully passed the test created to study and analyze the intelligence in bird animals. Crows have fine sense of hunting, counting, inventing new hunting techniques, observation skills etc.

dog, help, protect, love
7. Border Collie:: Amongst all the different breeds of dog in the world; border collie are regarded as the most intelligent and quick learners. Their skills are used for work, home security, search or rescue missions too.

arms, legs, huge brain
6. Octopus:: Next in the list is a underwater creature, considered most intelligent for its power to remember things i.e. it has a good memory, great observational and learning skills. With a huge head and eight arms octopus swims high to the list of world’s most intellectual animals.
count, speak, sing
5. African grey parrot:: Parrots are no questions asked the most endearing animals. Their capability to imitate and speak human language is most fascinating. The African grey parrot is also famous for the same but has learning and grasping power than other breeds. They can sing, dance, imitate, learn words with their meanings, and are also capable to form their own small sentence. Isn’t it exciting…
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4. Elephants:: Next on my list is a huge animal with the largest brain amongst all animals. Yes, the elephants.  Elephants are well known for their excellent memory. They communicate a lot of emotions with each other such as joy, sorrow, play etc. They are also very attached to each other and display explicit emotions. They are undoubtedly one of the most intelligent species on earth.
playing, fun, together
3. Monkey:: Monkeys depict actual human body language, facial expressions, problem solving and learning techniques. A lot of researches are conducted by scientists around the world.
sing, dance, play, sweet
2. Dolphin:: Intelligent yes, but at the same time the cutest and friendliest animal on earth are dolphins. Their learning power is recognized and utilized. Dolphins are famous for their adventure tricks and dance.
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1. Chimpanzee:: Here’s the winner  of my list the Chimpanzee’s our ancestors 8).  Chimpanzee has 98% similar genetic formation like humans. Their memory power and learning abilities have earned accolades from scientists and researchers and deserve to be the most intellectual animal on earth.

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