Small Business Start Up Consultancies

Business enterprises are classified into three broad units’ namely small business enterprise, medium business enterprise and large business enterprise. The deciding factors which classify between the three types are the number of employee’s hired, annual turnover, market share owned by business etc. These factors are decided by the regulatory board of every country and therefore it differs from country to country. But broadly a small business enterprise refers to an independent business set up which is comparatively small according to the deciding factors, for instance the number of employees that can be hired by a small business enterprise are lower than the medium and large business enterprise’s, similarly the market share owned and the annual turnover is also lower than the other two types.

But one fact that all business enterprises will agree to is that; nevertheless how big or small a business enterprise is the amount of hard work, labor and expertise required to start up every business is same. But modern business worlds’ anthem says, “NOT HARD WORK BUT SMART WORK IS THE KEY TO SUCCSSESS”. The requirement of smart work has given birth to the skilled and professional expertise in the form of business start up consultancies. These consultancies provide guidelines and professional help to the start up businesses.

The small business start up consultancies is a tested tool of business set up and growth around the world. These consultancies have expertise in different areas which help to set up businesses and provide guidelines for its growth. Consultancies draw a diverse plan of actions for every small business enterprise as the target consumer, raw material, employment opportunities differ from one industry to another.  Their expertise and experienced gained from different types of businesses; help them lay plans for marketing strategies. Consultancies assist small business enterprises to deal with dynamic challenges and hurdles of their business and also make certain that they become self-reliant to handle these challenges and sustain their growth.

The benefits to hire a small business start up consultancy are much more than expected. These consultancies can help a new business acquire a market share for themselves from their existing counterparts. The research and tested techniques of such consultancies ensure that a start up business is able carve a niche for themselves in the existing market.

As told before every small business start up consultancy has expertise in different area which helps a business capitalize in their specialized area. Some of the specialized consultancies are::
•    Public relation consultancies: These consultancies assist a business to build relations with media and publishing groups and provide it apt media exposure.
•    Human resource consultancies: Human Recourse is an inevitable part of any business enterprise and managing same can be troublesome task and these consultancies have expertise in human resource management. They provide and manage human resources of their clients and provide many a services like training, salary distribution, conflict and violence prevention management etc.
•    Advertising Consultants: Every business requires exposure for its products and services. The Advertising consultancy services therefore targets the need for a better advertising strategy which can help business ventures to make their products more visible and approachable to their target consumers.
•    Insurance Consultants:  Insurance is one of the most important aspects of every business set up. The insurance consultancies provide surveys and options to choose amongst various possible insurance policies and pricing to their clients.
•    Accounting: Every business in spite of its size requires regular flow of funds to function properly and it is not possible that a small business enterprise has appropriate funds available to do business all the time. Therefore, these accounting consultancies specialize in fund raising and offer regular flow of funds for proper functioning.

Hence, we can conclude that how a mother is to an infant; a good consultancy is to a small business start up.

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