Tomato Rice

You Will Need

• 200 gm boiled rice
• ½ cup boiled peas
• 1 large/2 small finely sliced tomatoes
• 1 large finely sliced Onion
• 1 cup/150 ml coconut milk
• 2 table spoon vegetable/olive oil
• 1 table spoon red chili powder
• ½ table spoon ginger garlic paste
• 1 table spoon black pepper powder
• ½ table spoon or 1 cardamom
• ½ table spoon mango powder
• Salt to taste

How To Make It

Take a pan and add oil and all other ingredients except boiled rice, coconut milk and boiled peas to it. Cook for 6-8 minutes till tomatoes are finely cooked. Now add boiled rice and coconut milk and boiled peas to the mixture and cook again for 5 minutes.

Your tomato rice is ready to serve.

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