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Denise- The Virtual Assistant is a 3D designed human computer interaction tool which gives shape and voice to the artificial intelligence software created by Guile 3D Studio. It is undoubtedly the next big thing in the human computer interaction development.

Imagine your personal desktops and laptops assisting you like the ones’ we see in movies, where Scientists and Superhero’s have supercomputers/assistants to help them. Without even clicking the mouse or pressing a key they get their master’s all required information.

The USP of Denise are-

  • It runs on Real time graphics engine which can exhibit around 16 million colors.
  • The emotions, facial expressions, voice, lip syncing is based on ultra realistic characters which provides clarity and flawless assistance.
  • You can make calls with the help of Denise via Skype.
  • It supports all windows till date i.e. XP, Vista and 7
  • The software has advance face detection.
  • It allows users to opt for voice detection.
  • It can post updates and messages on your social networking websites.
  • It gathers latest information automatically and updates you according to your preferred applications and time..
  • It not only reads but can write e-mails for you.
  • Denise is well versed with the latest touch screen technology and her assistance can be hired for all touch screen enabled monitors.
  • Denise accompanies SDK- Software Development Kit, so developers and researchers can create their own applications too.
  • There are more than a dozen applications available to use with the 3D virtual assistant Denise, Such as:
    1. Multimedia Video Centre
    2. Motion Detection
    3. Artificial Intelligence Editor
    4. Task Wizard
    5. Dictionary
    6. Radio
    7. RSS and Latest NEWS
    8. Translation
    9. Wikipedia
    10. Multimedia Music Centre
    11. Whether Forecast any many more

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The software comes with a lot of different Avatars. All the avatars are as realistic as Denise like from Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie look alike ANGEL, to Robot DATA CHRONOS, to sweet little SPACE COOKIE re available to choose amongst many others avatars.

For more check out the video

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