Americans fail to understand the importance of Vegetables

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Despite all the efforts by Obama Government to promote the inclusion of vegetables in daily diet of Americans, a recent study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has concluded that, “even after all the efforts made to promote consumption of vegetables only 26% of Americans include vegetables 3 or 4 times a day.”

According to Harry Balzer, chief industry analyst at a market research company, “Nothing more is left to be done which can promote Americans to eat more veggies.”

A recent research by his market research company on the “eating pattern of Americans” adds to the bad news. The research proves that, “On a daily basis mere 23% of meals in America make use of vegetables and only 17% add a salad platter to their supper.”

The baby carrot industry has also taken great measures to promote healthy and vegetative diet in the country. The industry is said to have invested a fortune of $25 million to advertise its product in the form of ad campaigns, I phone apps and even music.

On the other hand the First lady Michelle Obama is shouting from the roof tops about her organic vegetable garden and healthy lifestyle to advance awareness of vegetarianism in the country.
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Although individual and personal choices should never be forced to change, but remember CHANGE IS GOOD.

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