Lindsay out on Bail

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Latest update for Hollywood celebrity Lindsay Lohan’s substance abuse case came with her revisit to Jail for a month.
Lindsay‘s recent failed drug tests dragged her to the court again, where a judge ordered her another jail term of 30 days. Lindsay’s tweets confirmed earlier that she is serious about quitting drugs and is trying hard to let it go.
Whereas, a  little later in the evening Lindsay got relief from her jail term, as another judge ordered bail for her. It is reported that a bail of $300,000 with a number of restrictions including alcohol monitoring bracelet have been finalized.
It is also confirmed that Lindsay has now opted for a rehab, though she still needs to decide a rehabilitation program.
Lindsay’s father Michael Lohan is happy about her daughter opting for a rehab to show her sincerity towards quitting drugs, but is equally annoyed with Lindsay’s lawyer and is accusing them of ruining his daughter’s life.
Michael had apparently threatened Lindsay’s lawyer and left her a voicemail saying, “i will blow you out of the water” And “will dig up dirt on you”.
When reporters contacted Michael, he admitted of doing it to his daughter’s lawyer.
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