Archive for September 30th, 2010

Comedian Greg Giraldo is no more

Laugh, laughter, funny, comedian, US

Comedian Greg Giraldo is reportedly dead, due to overdose of prescribed drugs. Giraldo was admitted to hospital last week and breathed his last Wednesday night. It is said that he accidently took drug overdose which lead to sudden demise of 44 year old comedian. In his last time his family stood at his side, Giraldo […]

How to Survive in Recession

Recession, poor, bad, less money, low income, US, Economy, Deep

Recession is a fact of any economy but you can minimize its effect by avoiding making errors. Once the recession is there, you cannot predict how long it is going to be, so you need to remain calm and make wise decisions. Obviously, you cannot avoid its fear but never panic. You need to keep […]

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