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Dos and Don’ts for an Interview

Interview, Interview skills, How to impress in interview, Does and Dont of interview

Does :: •    Always make sure that the resume has the correct information displayed in an impressive vocabulary. One should avoid typos in the resume and always highlight the points which can increase the chances of getting the job. •    The candidate should be very sure regarding what he wants to convey of himself in […]

Stem Cells treatment

Stem cells which are obtained from adult organs are proving highly useful in treatment technology. Stem cells thus obtained are different from embryonic stem cells which have been a matter of controversies for a long time. Stem cells obtained from adult organs can be used not only for treating diseases but also to stimulate and […]

Top 10 Animated Movies

Animated movies are not as such genre defined category but its definitely contains certain genre like components such as fairy tales and animation which make them popular specifically among children but they are enjoyed by all. In animated movies, individual pictures or illustrations are photographed using stop-frame cinematography. Over the years, there have been numerous […]

How to remain happy for Good

Be happy, How to be happy, keep happy always, keep yourself happy

Indeed, man wishes to be happy even when he so lives as to make happiness impossible.  ~St. Augustine Isn’t it? All the luxuries, comforts and facilities achieved by us in 21st century, happiness and satisfaction are virtues we still seek for individually. In order to have a fulfilling life being happy and contended is must. […]

Believe it or Not

“Believe it or Not” deals in weird events and items which are so unusual that one will find it almost impossible to believe. “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” is the most known franchise which is famous around the world. It was founded by Robert LeRoy Ripley. It got so much popular that it was later […]

How to organize a party

Lets party, How to organize a party, steps, event management, manage a party,

Have you ever walked into a party and felt that this is the place I want to be every time I want to have some fun, everything seems to be in its proper place, everyone seems to enjoy at his best, the ambience looks great, the food smells scrumptious and the music is awesome. Seems […]

Tips to Reduce Weight

weight loss tips, weight management, help in weight loss, shapeless, get in shape

You will hardly find any overweight person saying that s/he has never tried any method to reduce weight and all went in vain. Considering this; it must be noted that changes never take place in a day; we need to set small goals and follow them religiously. You need to keep on making small changes […]

Career in Animation

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The world is changing rapidly and definitely we can safely refer it a world of technology. Every new day we witness the expansion of technology in every sphere and thus entertainment is not an exception to it. The latest and highly accepted trend of today is ‘animation’. It is undoubtedly, fastest changing as well as […]

Top 10 Gaming Laptops

Earlier it was believed that laptops cannot be used for gaming purpose due to it delicacy and these are just for sophistication use. But here is good news for game lovers as now they can find laptops which have been made sturdy for gaming purpose. Here is a list of top 10 gaming laptops available […]

Big Boss 4

Big Boss, Big Boss4, India, Salman, Salman Khan, Dimpy Mahajan, Rajesh Khanna, Manoj Tiwari, Sara Khan, Avika, Balika Vadhu, Bidai-sapna Babul Ka

After the success of “Dus ka Dum”, Salman Khan is all set to be the custodian of biggest reality show “Big Boss 4” which will be aired on “colors” channel from October 3rd. Earlier three seasons of Big Boss were hosted by Arshad Warsi, Shilpa Shetty and Amitabh Bachchan respectively. Season 3 has witnessed great […]

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