Top 10 Gaming Laptops

Earlier it was believed that laptops cannot be used for gaming purpose due to it delicacy and these are just for sophistication use. But here is good news for game lovers as now they can find laptops which have been made sturdy for gaming purpose.
Here is a list of top 10 gaming laptops available in the market:
Alienware M17X
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This Alienware product has been crowned as the best gaming laptop in the year 2010. The best thing is that these laptops are specifically built for one thing only i.e. gaming. It comes with excellent specifications and most importantly, they are customizable. The price is modified according to the chosen configuration.
Acre Aspire 8942G
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Acer also launched one of the best gaming laptops in 2010. With great configuration option it is definitely a great machine to have great gaming experiences.
Toshiba Qosmio X500
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Gaming laptops by Toshiba are new in the filed but definitely a good choice for game lovers. It comes in the form of Qosmio X500 and it has a giant 18.4” display. An ideal choice for action packed games.
Dell Studio XPS 16
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This gaming laptop is one of the least expensive gaming laptops but comprising a powerful processor.
Asus G51J-3D
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This gaming laptop by Asus is a unique piece with 3D gaming card. The technology used in the laptop is NVIDIA 3D Vision.
AVA Direct D901C
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AVADirect D901C offers game lovers tons of hardware as well as accessory options if you opt for custom made. If you are initiator and are not aware of innards of a computer, then you can choose ample build options from AVADirect.
Velocity Micro
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Gaming laptops by Velocity Micro are major contender in this arena. These laptops have the latest graphic cards and processors.
Falcon Northwest
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Gaming laptop notebooks by Falcon Northwest offer extreme performances with the help of latest laptop technologies.
HP Gaming Laptops
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As a game lover you can look for Voodoo PC line by HP which is not extreme in its appearance but does have clean design. It is an ideal choice for casual gamer.
Gateway Gaming Laptops
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Gaming laptop notebooks by Gateway provide solid NVIDI A graphic cards along with high definition screens.


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