How to organize a party

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Have you ever walked into a party and felt that this is the place I want to be every time I want to have some fun, everything seems to be in its proper place, everyone seems to enjoy at his best, the ambience looks great, the food smells scrumptious and the music is awesome. Seems good for a party; arranged by somebody else but to do it on your own…. is hell lot of work and planning, yes it is but here are some simple steps which can help you to plan a fun party without any hassles.

  • First of all decide the date, time, theme and guest list for the party. The theme of the party is an important consideration as it helps to focus and systematize the fixed fine points. Some of the main themes for party can be Seasons, holidays, some famous story, sports, books or favorite games of children.
  • Determine the number of guests and also the age group of the people invited.
  • Send invitations to your guests or you can also give them a call about two weeks prior the party or an e-mail.
  • The next step is to decide the menu for the party. You can choose a full course formal dinner, buffet or simply starters. You should also decide well in advance whether or not you are going to cook. If you have decided to cook, plan in advance about the preparations but if not, then decide which caterer to book or where to place order for food. The choice of drinks is also an important consideration as it depends mainly upon the age group of the guests invited.
  • Make a list of the things you will need for your party, such as tables, chairs, crockery and napkins. Plan the venue and the specific area where you want to set up your furniture. Decoration has to be decided in accordance with the theme of the party. Ample time must be kept for decorating the venue.
  • Another important step is to get the washrooms cleaned well in advance as you do not want to make your guests use a filthy washroom.
  • Make a play list for the party in accordance with the age of the guests. Make sure that the music system works properly and check the play list before the party.
  • Dress nicely, relax yourself and mix up well with the guests and make them feel comfortable. And last but not the least – Enjoy yourself!!!!
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