How to remain happy for Good

Be happy, How to be happy, keep happy always, keep yourself happy

Indeed, man wishes to be happy even when he so lives as to make happiness impossible.  ~St. Augustine
Isn’t it?
All the luxuries, comforts and facilities achieved by us in 21st century, happiness and satisfaction are virtues we still seek for individually. In order to have a fulfilling life being happy and contended is must.
In order to do so… are some tips one can follow in their routine life to remain HAPPY for good…

• Remember Happiness is in your mind, not in objects.
•  The source of happiness is intrinsic not extrinsic.
• You should treat Happiness as your treasure; protect and save it from getting stolen like your other possessions.
•  Happiness can only be experienced, one cannot buy it.
• Your attitude towards life can do wonders for you.
• Helping others bring along happiness and blessings.
• Do not allow yourself to fear from situations.
• Gradually try and detach yourself from the worldly and material belongings.
• Keep perseverance, self control over mind and body.
• Accept both good and bad in human beings around you. No one’s perfect.
• Never try to please everyone, it rather spoils everything.
• Accept failure similarly as you accept success.
• Always choose good company for yourself. You owe it to you.
• You should not avoid or run away from difficulties and difficult situations, they are yours too. The experience you gain through hurdles and difficulties leads to perfection and maturity in life.
• Do not share your problems with others unless you are sure that they care and respect your feelings no matter what!
• Keep a check on your subconscious mind, practice yoga and meditation to detoxify your subconscious mind.
• Optimistic nature will lead you through the path of happiness.
• Pray to GOD daily.
• Enjoy every moment of the work process, and not just the result.
• Keep stress and depression at bay.
• Giving nature inculcates true happiness of heart and soul.
• Always believe in “Forgive and Forget”, its best policy to remain happy.
• It’s perfect to be imperfect.
• You should never be little anybody, give respect and receive it back.
• Treat yourself with nice break from your daily hectic routine go for holidays with family or friends, spa treatments etc.
• Try to be close to Mother Nature, whenever you are low or depressed greenery, plants give freshness and boosts mood.
•  Concentrate on your present and do not worry much about your future.
• Never crib about time limitations, plan your time effectively to complete all tasks.
• Avoid concentrating on petty differences and issues in your life and adopt a carefree nature.
• Take control of your life in your hands; don’t let anyone else take decisions on your part.
• Always count your blessings in life.
• Keep a track of every moment and make them count. Be good to all.
• Do not assume situations, depend on facts and take things easily.


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  1. “The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.”

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