Stem Cells treatment

Stem cells which are obtained from adult organs are proving highly useful in treatment technology. Stem cells thus obtained are different from embryonic stem cells which have been a matter of controversies for a long time. Stem cells obtained from adult organs can be used not only for treating diseases but also to stimulate and grow new organs and thus reducing the need of anti-rejection drugs which one needs to have in conventional transplant surgery. Embryonic stem cells have not been able to get the place in the field of medical science which has been got by the kind of cells found from adult organs.   

You can actually have your stem cells harvested and can use them to regenerate required organ tissue.

The potential for stem cells in treating various human diseases has now been accepted by medical researchers. Already there are a number of stem cells therapies such as bone narrow transplants used to cure leukemia. According to researchers, stem cells are immortal and possess the ability to be anything. 

The foremost concern about stem cells treatment is  the possible risk of causing tumors due to transplanted stem cells and it can further cause cancer in case the division of cells uncontrollably.

Medical researchers are anticipating the use of stem cells treatment in a number of diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s disease, muscle damage and spinal cord injuries to name few. But still there is a kind of uncertainty regarding stem cell research which can only be overcome by public debate and conducting more extensive research.

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