Dos and Don’ts for an Interview

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Does ::

•    Always make sure that the resume has the correct information displayed in an impressive vocabulary. One should avoid typos in the resume and always highlight the points which can increase the chances of getting the job.

•    The candidate should be very sure regarding what he wants to convey of himself in the interview and therefore knowing oneself inside out becomes a necessity.

•    It is very important to pay attention on the choice of apparels, the manner of standing or sitting and especially the manner of talking.

•    As they say, confidence is the key to success. This saying holds true here also. The most confident candidates always score over the ones who may be having more educational qualifications but are low on self confidence.

•    Always be prepared for the unexpected. One can never be sure about what the interviewers can ask. For example one may be asked to solve a case study or to answer questions related to general awareness or something totally out of the way. But here the key is to be mentally prepared. Whatever comes to your way, you should be ready to handle it like a pro.

•    If the candidate has done an ample research on the history, strategies and other important aspects of the company, then it can also prove to be a helpful step for the candidate. Not only it gives confidence but can also prove helpful in answering the questions put up by the interviewers. Make them believe that you are wholeheartedly interested in performing in the company and you are here to stay for a stable period.

•    Always carry letters of reference, passport size photos, transcripts, important certificates, other supporting documents, pen, a writing pad, and a calculator.

Don’t ::

•    You should never argue with the interviewers.

•    One should avoid blaming anyone during the interview. This leaves a negative figure of the candidate in the eyes of the interviewers.

•    One should never tell a lie about himself in an interview. The interviewers are generally experts in the field of recruitment.

•    By any chance if you are unable to answer any question put up by the interviewers, you should out rightly admit it and tell them that you don’t know the answer.

•    Do not stammer, mumble or use a monotone. All these are signs of lack of self confidence and nervousness.

•    At the end of the interview the interviewers may ask you to ask any questions. You need to handle the situation with care and ask intelligent and relevant questions which display your interest in the particular job.

•    Avoid rambling and keep the answers to the point.

•    Last but not the least- RELAX! Relaxation is very important as a relaxed but focused mind is an essential prerequisite to crack the code for interviews, no matter how high the competition is or how complex the job profile is; keep your Cool intact!!

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