How to prepare for a picnic

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Monsoons are almost gone and the whether is becoming more and more romantic with the arrival of spring. Objects of nature are displaying the utmost beauty with flowers blossoming and rainbows becoming more frequent. Considering all the above factors, we can easily assert that this is the perfect time for a family picnic. But as picnic seems to be the most pleasant and fun word, it can sometimes be a tedious task to prepare for arranging one. To overcome such situations, here is a checklist of the things which can be useful for a family picnic and also a step by step guide to plan a perfect outing.
List of things to do and carry:
  • Decide the place where the picnic can be arranged.
  • Decide the food menu.
  • Decide the choice of drinks and beverages.
  • Select the most fun toys for children.
  • Compact furniture or spreading’s or sheets to spread on the ground.
  • A first aid kit is a must.
Determine the number of people and kids coming. Send invites which may be written or verbal. If the guests include older people then it is very important to carry some comfortable seating. Plan the picnic in such a way that the kids can move around freely without disturbing the adults and at the same time the adults can also keep an eye on the little ones. The toys can include hula hoops, big bouncing balls, badminton sets or even carom boards. The matter of food completely depends on the budget of an individual but one thing is sure that the food should be easy to serve and to be eaten. In the food menu one can include something like sandwiches, finger chips, fruits, juice cans, wafers and other things depending upon the choice of the kids and people going to the picnic.
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