Top 10 Hotels in the World

To count top hotels around the world is not small undertaking; however, the best method adopted to serve this purpose is the use of visitors’ review regarding the hotels they visit which is done by conducting surveys often online.

One thing is for sure that visitors love hotels which deliver experiences of its kind along with high class services at accurate price.

Here is a list of top 10 hotels around the world which comprise luxury, service and beautiful location:
Top 10 Hotels; world famous hotels, top hotels around the world, Sydney Blue Sky Hotel
The Sydney Blue Hotel: The hotel is situated in Sydney (Australia) at beautiful beaches of ultra-modern Woolloomooloo Bay. It has more than 100 suites decorated in the finest retro style using pastel colors along with a supportive atmosphere sufficient to please anyone.

Top 10 world famous hotels, Hotels around the world, Hotel Konigshof
The Hotel konighshof: This hotel with 70 rooms is situated in Munich (Germany) and has close proximity to Marienplatz city square. The interior of the rooms is done using leather. The attentive staff will surely attract your attention.
AUSTRIA, hotels in austria, top 10 hotels in Austria
The Hotel Sacher: This family run hotel is situated in Salzburg (Austria) near the Hohensalzburg fortress. A great approach for those who love to indulge in shopping as it is near shopping destinations of Salzbug.
Top 10 hotels, The Grand Hotel Wien, Hotels
The Grand Hotel Wien: The hotel with 175 beautiful rooms is located in Vienna (Austria). Rooms are furnished in 19th century style.
The Chatwal Hotel, Chatwal's, Priya Sachdev, Bill Clinton, London
The Chatwal: The hotel is located in New York (USA) near Broadway. Rooms have Deco style interiors with excellent services.

Rome, Italy, Vladamir Putin, Hotels in Rome, World famous hotels
The Hassler Hotel: This hotel based on the theme of 19th century is located in Rome (Italy). Large rooms with Italian furnishings are capable of attracting visitors again and again.

The Langham Hotel: This posh hotel with over 450 luxurious rooms is located in Hong Kong. Rooms are decorated using silks and gold leaf.

The Ritz Hotel

The Ritz Hotel: The hotel located in Paris (France) is a blend of excellent guest service, good food and lavish surroundings.
France,m Hotels in France, Top 10 hotels
Le Hotel de Crillon: This hotel located in Paris (France) is admired particularly by art lovers due to its private surroundings.

El Hotel Rey juan Carlos

El Hotel Rey juan Carlo: This hotel in Barcelona (Spain) comprises 19th century villas with a lovely outdoor garden.

In the end, no need to say that all these hotels are known for their luxury and guest service they offer.

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