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English is a widely accepted language around the world and no one can deny it’s importance today and certainly it has played an important role in making the world a global village where people from different communities are able to communicate by using it as a second language.
It is not an impossible task to learn English but above all you need to understand that you must make it your hobby but not a chore and thus you will learn the language with fun without getting bored.
Here are some of the tips that you can follow:
Never ever be in hurry. You are setting a goal for yourself. You cannot learn it in a day. You might face some delays and frustrations but you will have to overcome all these. So, enjoy it when learning English.
Remember, learning is skill and you can improve it. You will learn if only you are aware of yourself, your capacity and the processes which you have used in the past  to learn other things.
Motivation is highly important. In the absence of motivation for learning English,  you might get frustrated easily and give up. In that case, ask yourself why you are learning English? In which areas you need to work more like reading, writing comprehension or listening in order to motivate yourself.
Set achievable goal  for yourself. Better study for short time each day instead of sitting for long time during weekends and then nothing for next two weeks!
In the end, give yourself a treat such as your favorite drink or a new dress whenever you achieve goal.
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