Precautions During WINTERS

God has gifted all human beings with various weather conditions to enjoy and cherish the beauty of nature in its various different forms. But increase in pollution levels, cutting of forests, emission of hazardous gases has lead to a lot of environmental and ecological changes. Hole in ozone layer and global warming are apparent proofs of how human has played and spoiled the beauty and circle of beautiful nature for its selfish causes.

One of the after math of which is extreme weather conditions i.e. too hot or too chill.

Here are few important and general precautions which one should take in winters to enjoy a safe and happy season.

• Prefer wearing layers of cloth rather than one single warmer or an overcoat.
• Use room heaters, fireplaces, etc to keep room temperatures warm in order to avoid hypothermia.
• Take proper sleep. Use extra quilts, caps, woolen or pure cotton made socks etc while sleeping. Avoid synthetic products as they might cause rashes or itching.
• Do not consume alcohol.
•  Consume warm foods. Include more hot soups with your regular meal and intake of high energy foods should be increased.
• Elderly and adolescents should be given more care during extreme weather conditions.
• It is preferable not to over exert oneself in low temperatures as the risk of cardiac arrest increases.
• Always keep surplus food and fuel in case there’s a natural disaster like snow storm etc.
• Regularly check your car battery and fuel. It is advised that you keep car’s tank full.
• Do not use charcoal or Kerosene for heating purposes as it emits huge amount of carbon monoxide which leads to suffocation and deaths.
• While using room heaters, fireplaces or any other electronics to keep the room temperature up; always remember to keep half a bucket of water/sand in case fire breaks out.

Avoid overloading electronic circuits; switch off and on electrical devices accordingly.

• While driving in winter’s take precautionary steps and keep few essential items in the car
1. Compass
2. Flashlight
3. Extra clothes
4. Booster cables
5. Sand
6. High calorie non-perishable food
7. Windshield scraper
8. Matches/candles
9. Maps
10. Blankets
11. Paper towels
12. Bottled water
13. Extra batteries etc.

• Never touch low lying electrical wires. They are very dangerous and can have high voltage current running.
• Stay connected with your friends, neighbors and family.
• Keep checking pipe lines so that they don’t freeze. Take precautionary measures like using insulation and cover them up etc.
• Always keep important phone numbers handy like nearest hospital, local doctor, family members, neighbors, Police and fire fighters.

Always remember “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”. And have a save WINTER!!

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3 Responses to “Precautions During WINTERS”

  1. “wow I love your blog!” says:

    “wow I love your blog!”

  2. Claude Spahr says:

    One swallow does not make a summer

  3. Łeba says:

    Good info. Big thanks for that.

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