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Tips to Learn English

How To, english speaking, speak english fluently

English is a widely accepted language around the world and no one can deny it’s importance today and certainly it has played an important role in making the world a global village where people from different communities are able to communicate by using it as a second language. It is not an impossible task to […]

How to prepare for a picnic

Picnic, How to, How to prepare for a picnic, fun, prepare

Monsoons are almost gone and the whether is becoming more and more romantic with the arrival of spring. Objects of nature are displaying the utmost beauty with flowers blossoming and rainbows becoming more frequent. Considering all the above factors, we can easily assert that this is the perfect time for a family picnic. But as […]

How to remain happy for Good

Be happy, How to be happy, keep happy always, keep yourself happy

Indeed, man wishes to be happy even when he so lives as to make happiness impossible.  ~St. Augustine Isn’t it? All the luxuries, comforts and facilities achieved by us in 21st century, happiness and satisfaction are virtues we still seek for individually. In order to have a fulfilling life being happy and contended is must. […]

How to organize a party

Lets party, How to organize a party, steps, event management, manage a party,

Have you ever walked into a party and felt that this is the place I want to be every time I want to have some fun, everything seems to be in its proper place, everyone seems to enjoy at his best, the ambience looks great, the food smells scrumptious and the music is awesome. Seems […]

Tomato Rice

You Will Need • 200 gm boiled rice • ½ cup boiled peas • 1 large/2 small finely sliced tomatoes • 1 large finely sliced Onion • 1 cup/150 ml coconut milk • 2 table spoon vegetable/olive oil • 1 table spoon red chili powder • ½ table spoon ginger garlic paste • 1 table spoon black pepper powder • ½ table spoon or 1 […]

Vegetarian Mughlai Parantha

tasty, mughal, parantha, indian, recipe

Ingredients:: •    ½ Kg wheat flour •    ½ kg semolina •    ½ kg all purpose flour •    Salt to taste •    ½ tbs Mango powder •    ½ tbs black pepper powder •    ½ tbs red chili powder •    Oil for dough preparation and for shallow frying •    ½ cup Milk/ coconut milk

Small Business Start Up Consultancies

Business enterprises are classified into three broad units’ namely small business enterprise, medium business enterprise and large business enterprise. The deciding factors which classify between the three types are the number of employee’s hired, annual turnover, market share owned by business etc. These factors are decided by the regulatory board of every country and therefore […]

Wholesale Designer Inspired Handbags

Hankering for a designer brand:: Almost every woman across the world desire’s to own a designer brand one day; be it designer clothes, shoes or handbags. Amongst all accessories it is commonly found that handbags are the most mutual accessory which women have fetish for. Designer or branded handbags add cherry on the cake to […]

Chole Bhature

punjabi, food, tasty, chana masala

Chole Bhature is the most favorite Punjabi cuisine relished by people across borders. Though it’s full of calories but the yummy taste of it is worth the guilt 8) . The recipe is simple and can be cooked in 30-45 minutes, to serve 4 people. Recipe Ingredients:: Bhature •    250 grams all purpose flour {maida} […]

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