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Precautions During WINTERS

God has gifted all human beings with various weather conditions to enjoy and cherish the beauty of nature in its various different forms. But increase in pollution levels, cutting of forests, emission of hazardous gases has lead to a lot of environmental and ecological changes. Hole in ozone layer and global warming are apparent proofs […]

Top 10 Hotels in the World

To count top hotels around the world is not small undertaking; however, the best method adopted to serve this purpose is the use of visitors’ review regarding the hotels they visit which is done by conducting surveys often online. One thing is for sure that visitors love hotels which deliver experiences of its kind along […]

Tomato Rice

You Will Need • 200 gm boiled rice • ½ cup boiled peas • 1 large/2 small finely sliced tomatoes • 1 large finely sliced Onion • 1 cup/150 ml coconut milk • 2 table spoon vegetable/olive oil • 1 table spoon red chili powder • ½ table spoon ginger garlic paste • 1 table spoon black pepper powder • ½ table spoon or 1 […]

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