Lindsay out on Bail

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Latest update for Hollywood celebrity Lindsay Lohan’s substance abuse case came with her revisit to Jail for a month.
Lindsay‘s recent failed drug tests dragged her to the court again, where a judge ordered her another jail term of 30 days. Lindsay’s tweets confirmed earlier that she is serious about quitting drugs and is trying hard to let it go.

Dollar Loses Gold Gains

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Gold rates created history in US Economy on Friday and rose to a record rate of $1300 an ounce.  The hike in Gold rates accompanied week dollar rates and high silver metal rates.

Head of currency and metal trading at bullion refiner MKS Finance SA in Geneva, Bernard Sin said that, “the hike in Gold rates depicts instability of dollar and signals for a disturbed economy. Investors are investing in the precious metal to be on a safer side which led to increase in the prices.”

Not just Gold, Silver too closed on a 30-year high at 19% hike with $21.39 an ounce.

Americans fail to understand the importance of Vegetables

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Despite all the efforts by Obama Government to promote the inclusion of vegetables in daily diet of Americans, a recent study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has concluded that, “even after all the efforts made to promote consumption of vegetables only 26% of Americans include vegetables 3 or 4 times a day.”

According to Harry Balzer, chief industry analyst at a market research company, “Nothing more is left to be done which can promote Americans to eat more veggies.”

A recent research by his market research company on the “eating pattern of Americans” adds to the bad news. The research proves that, “On a daily basis mere 23% of meals in America make use of vegetables and only 17% add a salad platter to their supper.”

Upcoming Future Technology- Mind Boggling

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Denise- The Virtual Assistant is a 3D designed human computer interaction tool which gives shape and voice to the artificial intelligence software created by Guile 3D Studio. It is undoubtedly the next big thing in the human computer interaction development.

Imagine your personal desktops and laptops assisting you like the ones’ we see in movies, where Scientists and Superhero’s have supercomputers/assistants to help them. Without even clicking the mouse or pressing a key they get their master’s all required information.

The USP of Denise are-

A Heavier Waistline can Hurt your income

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A recent study conducted by The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services depicts that the weight of a man or woman can have adverse effect on their gross incomes too.

Pioneer research finding prove that heavier women can incur financial burden of approximately $5000 per annum more than their thinner counterparts and overweight men have extra burden of approximately $3000 per annum than thinner and fitter men.

However, advanced study of the same where a lot of diverse factors were included, such as

Lindsay Lohan test’s positive!!

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Lindsay has done it again!, the Hollywood actress who was recently arrested and served a jail term for drug offence has again fallen prey to her drug addiction while partying in LA. But the stronger and merrier Lohan besides of hiding and continuing blame game has decided to take responsibility of her actions.

Lohan’s twitter account is witness to her non resistance towards cocaine and her courage to accept her blunder in front of the world. Lohan said in her twit that she is ready to take responsibility of her deeds. She admitted that she has failed her drug test and is fighting hard each day to let go of this addiction for substance abuse. She continued saying, that this incident is a setback for her struggle to prevent any mishaps; but she is ready to counter the outcome.

Lindsay’s recent trouble is also set to affect her career too. As her new movie INFERNO; based on the true life story of porn star Linda Lovelace can face financial turmoil. The filming of the movie was based in Louisiana and now due to the recent mishap it has to be either delayed or have to be filmed in L.A, in both the conditions the extra cost incurred will upset the producers immensely.

Vegetarian Seekh Kababs

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Preparation Time:: 30-45 mints.


•    4 large  Boiled potatoes
•    6 slice of whole wheat bread
•    1 tbs dry mango powder
•    1 tbs ginger garlic paste
•    2 tbs all purpose flour
•    1 onion finely chopped
•    ½ cup finely chopped coriander leaves
•    ½ cup boiled peas
•    ½ tbs fresh lemon juice
•    ½ tbs Black pepper powder
•    ½ tbs Red chili powder
•    Salt to taste
•    Oil for frying

I Wonder Y? These inventions didn’t make it to the market…

Book reading at its easiest mode….While eating, reading, traveling…..

Book, Reading, easy, travel,

Nice sharpener …quiet innovative..What say?

unique, pencil, sharpener, kid, happy

Best Christmas Gift to a 3 year old

US soldier Sergeant Scott Penny serving in Afghanistan, surprised his 3 year old daughter by visiting her for Christmas.

This is one of the most touching video i have come across…..

Tomato Rice

You Will Need

• 200 gm boiled rice
• ½ cup boiled peas
• 1 large/2 small finely sliced tomatoes
• 1 large finely sliced Onion
• 1 cup/150 ml coconut milk
• 2 table spoon vegetable/olive oil
• 1 table spoon red chili powder
• ½ table spoon ginger garlic paste
• 1 table spoon black pepper powder
• ½ table spoon or 1 cardamom
• ½ table spoon mango powder
• Salt to taste

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